/about me/

Yo, I'm Michael, a software engineer and fourth year CS undergraduate at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

I'm super interested in distributed systems, and low-level systems work (networking, storage, and databases), and the challenges that they come with.

These days, I'm mostly working with Go, C++, Linux containers and Cloud-Native tech. I contribute to Thanos - a highly available Prometheus setup with long-term storage capabilities - and MariaDB - an open-source relational database with MySQL compatibility.

In the past, I've also:

  • dug into the innards of TiKV - a distributed transactional key-value database.
  • worked on Moira - a realtime alerting tool for Graphite.
I've experimented with building a fun, naive version of ping and a queue worker powered by PostgreSQL. I also share the things I learn by publishing articles on the Twilio Blog, the LogRocket blog, and my personal blog.

When I'm not coding, I'm tinkering with generative art using Processing, nerding out about sci-fi books like Pierce Brown's Red Rising, or trying to learn the basics of electronics and circuitry. I don't talk about all that anyway, since I suck balls at them.